Delay Reducer for Warcraft III: TFT 1.26A
Allows DR (packet send delay) values between 10ms and 500ms (Warcraft III default is 250).

Includes MouseTrap.

Includes Countdown Modifier.


Q: What requirements of this?

A: Not much, uses < 1MB of disk space, typically
< 2MB of RAM, and you can tune CPU performance by increasing the
'loop' setting in W3DR.ini. The application is stand alone and requires
no libraries (other than the Microsoft C Libraries ofc, which come
packaged with Windows). Basically if you can run Warcraft III, you can
run W3DR =].

Q: Sometimes commands don’t work.

A: This is because of the chat detection method. Try
pausing for a fraction of a second before pressing Enter. Alternatively,
you can try lowering ‘loop’ in W3DR.ini.

Q: Commands don’t work at all.

A: Check the Log Window output, and see what ‘Setting
bang=!’ is, the first character you type should be the last character
(in this case ‘!’). You can change this setting in W3DR.ini.

Q: OMG I scanned this with <or insert other scanner>, and it’s infected!?

A: The program makes 0 attempts to connect to the
outside world, and only attempts to change war3.exe memory, if you see
other behaviour the exe is probably infected, safest bet is to download
only from Further to this, there is a You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
caused by certain anti-virus vendors (“W32/Heuristic-KPP!Eldorado”)
which affects multiple applications of this type. What this comes down
to is that if you don’t trust an application vendor, don’t use the
application, Vivendi-Blizzard are doing much shadier stuff than I, imo (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.).

Q: What versions of Wc3 does this work for?

A: Currently compatible for 1.24e, 1.25b, 1.26a if you
are looking for DR for an older version checkout, Veetee Technology
(links on the right).

Q: Does this work for RoC?

A: No idea, works fine for me with ‘-classic’, I have no real impetus to develop or test for non TFT environments though =].

Q: Does this support LAN?

A: Yes! As of 2.3.0 I’ve added support for LAN.

Q: Will Blizzard ban me for using this?

A: I strongly suspect not, the application is very
polite in its modifications and only touches regions of memory necessary
to making the requested changes. I’m yet to hear even a second hand
report of someone being banned with it (that wasn’t using applications
that Blizzard are known to ban for). That said, Blizzard are known for
their zero tolerance policy and can very easily detect this and ban for

Q: I want feature ‘x’ added, or I’ve found a bug, how can I contact you?

A: Best bet is to post it under the latest version, alternatively you can mail me: hostmaster <at> w3dr <dot> com

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